How to tell the difference between wasp and bees 

It is very common for people to mistake a wasp for a bee due to their similarities. Bees are protected and cannot be exterminated so it is important to understand the differences between bees and wasps so they can be identified and dealt with in the correct way. Here are eight ways to tell the difference between them:
1. Body surface 
Wasps’ body are usually smooth while bees are fluffy and hairy.  
2. Body shape 
Wasps usually have skinny body while bees have round body.  
3. Nesting 
Wasps build nests and bees build hives.  
4. Colony 
Bees live in much larger colonies than wasps.   
5. Honey 
Bees produce honey and wasps do not. 
6. Food Source 
Wasps feed on both nectar and insects for protein while bees feed mainly on nectar. 
7. Winter Survival 
Most wasps die in winter except queens who hibernate. Bees, however, survive winter on food reserves and heat accumulated by the colony.  
8. Aggressiveness 
Wasps are usually more aggressive than bees.