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Nest removal


Wasps are known to sting even when they are not provoked. Stings are painful and can cause an allergic reaction. In rare cases where wasps have stung inside the mouth and other sensitive areas, deaths have occurred. Therefore, it is vital to get a qualified professional to destroy the nest and not attempt to do it yourself.  

There are usually three steps involved in wasp nest treatment. 

Step 1 - Identifying and Locating a wasp nest

Wasp nests, unlike bee nests, often go unnoticed until they have reached a decent size. Because wasps do not swarm around the nest in the way that bees do, it may only be an increased wasp presence in your home or garden that alerts you to the existence of the nest. 
If you suspect you have a nest, try to work out where the wasps are coming from. The edges of roof boards can rot away and provide entrances for them, leading to nests being created in lofts, while the holes created to allow phone and cable lines into the house can lead to the creation of nests in wall cavities.  
Monitor the flight paths of returning wasps and you should be able to work out roughly where the entrance to the nest is likely to be.  
Try to identify and locate the nest or the main entrance first before calling our control team.  

Step 2 – Treating a wasp nest

Our PCO (Pest Control Officer) will carry out an initial inspection to establish the location of the nest and/or the degree of infestation. 
We will then inject a special powder into the nest or leave it at the main entrance so that the wasps pick it up on their feet when they enter or leave the nest. The powder will kill the queen wasp in a few days. The remaining wasps will abandon the nest within a few weeks.  
Wasps never return or reuse old nests, thus leaving old nests can prevent future infestation.  

Step 3 – Removing a wasp nest and aftermath

If requested, our PCO can come a few weeks after the treatment to remove the nest and clear any debrisNest removal is an additional cost, please ask for details. 

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