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Did you know?

There are more than 8000 known species of ants. They differ greatly in the way that they construct their nests, form their colonies and obtain their food. Most ants are beneficial, scavenging on waste material and on other insects. Some however, are pests and need to be controlled.

The Pharaoh Ant

The Black Garden Ant

The Pharaoh Ant

The pharaoh ant is one such species which once introduced into premises can be extremely troublesome and difficult to remove. Pharaoh ants infest hospitals, feeding on blood, intravenous liquids, bodily excretions and sterile and soiled dressings.

The Black Garden Ant

The black garden ant, is another species which, although generally found outdoors, can enter buildings in search of sweet foodstuff. Black ants mass round sweet foods in the home and are a nuisance outside too.

What can I do?



Fully seal food containers



Clean underneath cookers and fridges



Clean up leaks and spillages as soon as you can



Clear away pet food bowls



The control of pharaoh ants is difficult due to their highly developed social structure and the inaccessibility of their nests. An initial survey will be conducted to determine the level of infestation, both visually and by pre-baiting.
Once the extent has been determined, insecticidal bait or insect growth regulators can be applied to the perimeter of the infested area, progressing carefully inwards until the whole area has been treated. Further monitoring may be necessary.


Black garden ants, whilst posing no major threat to humans, can be a nuisance if they enter the home. Control can only be achieved by the destruction of the nests which entails applying insecticide in and around the nest ensuring that insecticide is present at important points such as doors, windows, vents, ducts and drains. Particular attention will be given to cracks and crevices. The nest locations can usually be found by following ant trails.

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