What are the common types of wasp?


You may have wondered, what exactly is a wasp? How can you tell a wasp from a hornet? With so many flying insect species, it can often be difficult to tell wasps from bees. 
Here is a guide to help you identify the stinging insects in your garden! 
Wasps build nests near human structures. They use their mandibles to scrape and chew up wood to form a pulpy, paper substance to create their nests. 
There are three types of wasps commonly encountered by pest control teams: 
1. Hornets 

Hornets are one of the largest wasps you will encounter. In Europe, hornets are brown with orange markings. They tend to build their nests in holes, for example tree stumps or in cavities within buildings. 
2. Paper Wasps 

Although paper wasps have similar brown and yellow markings to hornets, they are identifiable by their long legs. 
3. Yellow Jackets 

Yellow jackets have a black and yellow striped abdomen. They build paper nests in cavities and in the ground. 
Many people confuse honeybees with yellow jacket wasps. However, one way you can truly tell if an insect is a wasp, is by its temperament. Wasps are very territorial and will defend their nests fiercely. They also tend to swarm and attack in large numbers. 
For more information on the different types of wasps or for advice on a wasp nest on your property, get in contact with Wasp Guys today!